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Dear Organik family

First of all, a huge thank you to those who have messaged us asking us to not refund their tickets.

It is truly heart-warming and shows the true spirit of the psytrance community. This gives us the moral strength to continue hosting Organik festivals.

As some of you are aware the financial burden of cancelling 5 days before it was due to start is extreme.

Deposits have been paid, flights booked, flyer artwork created and paid for, décor designed… the list goes on.

Most of our suppliers have been understanding and we’ve managed to move many of the bookings to Gaian Dream later in the year – so their deposits are not lost.

We extend a huge thank you for the support they’ve shown.

Many service providers rely on the event industry as part of their monthly income, so the damage runs deeps for all of us.

There are, however, costs which cannot be recovered and the only way we can continue hosting these events in the future is with you, our Organik psytrance family’s help.

After crunching the numbers over and over we have calculated that to be able to survive these circumstances we are able to offer each ticket holder a refund of R320 each for full festival tickets, R200 for earlybird tickets and R170 for Sunday tickets.

Quicket will issue refunds from tomorrow for those of you who have purchased your tickets online (keep in mind that there is a transaction fee charged by your credit card provider and Quicket). If you purchased your ticket from an outlet or ambassador – please return your ticket to them for your refund.

For those of you who bought Bitcoin tickets – due to the drastic drop in price of Bitcoin we will return the full BTC amount you paid. We will deal with this on a case by case basis – so please stand by for an email from us within the next few days.

For those of you who have purchased Organik hats – we have made them already so you will be receiving yours.

Please contact Sadiq on 071 347 9149 to arrange a collection time and place.

We urge you to please be understanding during these unprecedented and difficult times.

COVID-19 is a once in a lifetime event that will have an impact on our lives for decades to come.

We appeal to all of you to stand firm with us and together we can rebuild the psy-scene after the break we are all forced to take right now.

Big Love,

The Organik Team

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